Sky Project- Frederick Art Facade


History of Sky Stage Project:

Frederick Art Facade is a temporary public art installation that may be coming to Frederick's boarded up storefronts at 56-70 South Market Street. These historic buildings were damaged by a major flood of Carroll Creek in the 1970s and never repaired. By 2000, the buildings were in dangerous condition, and two of the three buildings were demolished, leaving only their facades in place. Today, the facades of all three buildings are boarded. The storefronts are soon slated for mixed-use redevelopment, but in the interim artist Heather Clark would like to remove the boards and windows and install a public temporary art installation. In the upcoming months, Clark will seek public input, approvals, funding and partners to transform the space into a major art installation.

About the Artist:

Heather Clark is an artist from the Frederick region. She utilizes art, architecture, and public interventions to catalyzebuilt environments that power themselves, cleanse themselves, transform waste, provide wildlife habitat, produce food, and enhance the lives of people. Through her art, she demonstrates how present reality is not a given and can rather be crafted to make life more fulfilling. Art is her tool to shift the paradigm of everyday life.


Sky Project Daniel Wyland